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Saturday, April 08, 2006


Monday, April 03, 2006

Let's get ready....

just 6 days to go and our new website will be published...
everybody, who wants to see the new site needs the latest flashplayer... to try if you already got it please click here
you should see the graphic you can see below (post title: The countdown started)

if you can't see it, or not every part of it,
then you'll need the latest version of the flashplayer...
you'll find it here for free download...

have fun!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The countdown started

As you can see here, the old site is offline now... and the blog will move soon, too. We changed to wordpress and completely intigrated the blog into the new site... let's see.

but till then you can already download the actual flashplayer;-)

here is a really cool text Frede found:

Some time ago i learned, what prophetic means and what it has got to do with musicians. I found hints in the bible, that music can really prophecy. The main muicians in the time of David and Solomon had the instruction to prophecy with harp, flute, tambourine and lyre. Other hints show, that music can really "talk" about god. For Example in Psalm 49:5 "I will turn my ear to a proverb; with the harp I will expound my riddle". The word riddle is in hebrew 'chiydah' and it means "diffcault question". The singer is saying: "I'll play my harp and it's up to you to find out what's its meaning."

Sometimes prophesying is not that much about telling the future, but about telling what is hidden to the natural eye. We know that the scripture tells a lot about the creation "talking" about god (Psalm 19:1, 50:6, 97:6). Therefore it is normal to expect that music can "talk" about god either. We just have to train our ears to hear, just like our eyes can be trained to see the works of God in his creation.

To be sensitive for prophecies, it takes an increased attention. We have to tune in to the nature of prophecies and know how it works, especially in music. Many have never learned, how to listen to gods voice and how to recognize it. For many it is not possible to look beyond what the natural eye sees and to sense, what is really going on. To be a musician who understands the prophetic meaning, we have to dig deeper, to get to the roots of this riddle. I think it is part of beeing an worship leader to include the prophetic aspect of worshipping to the service. We need to sense what the Lord is doing in each service just like in any other situation, when we're making music. It is like feeling which way the wind is blowing (some people don't recognize any wind, untill their hairstyle is ruined).

(an abstract from Norm Strauss teaching about "using the prophecy in worshipping" - translated into english by myself (julian), no guarantee for the correctness of the translation)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

CD Release...

for two days now I'm working with olli to finish the booklet and afterwards we will start with the website...
I have just read an old post from the archives and there we thought we would release it in october... this is how it goes. After october came november and till march every month had its time. But the CD is finished now and Arno will send it to me tomorrow. It will take another 10 to 12 days till the CDs will be pressed.

On the 10th of April at 0:01 AM there will be the release of the website and of the CD.

It can happen that it will take a little bit longer until we'll receive the CDs, but on monday the new website with all Mp3s will be online. Till then we will give our best. Thats a promise ;-)


Friday, March 24, 2006

THE TOUR.... is coming

Jesus, you're so awesome!!!! We love you! Yesterday Frede and I fixed the dates for our tour ... the tour through Europe became soon a tour through Germany with a little bit of Czech Republic and Poland, because such a tour takes a lot of time... but let's see. Maybe next year we're touring through China;-)

Anyway, we're really looking forward to it and soon we will get started.

The tourlist is without warranty and just roughly the regions and many things can still be changed. Sadly we couldn't say yes to all requests, SORRY!!! We'll send you an email!

Ok, heavenly blessings and here is the list:


EDIT: O.k. ... all positive and negative answers have been sent now. If you sent a request without getting an answer, then please contact us!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm so sorry

I was lying in Egypt with 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) (in the shades) beside the 26 degrees Ceslsus (78.8 degrees Fahrenheit) warm sea and therefore I couldn't post;-). It has been a really wonderful vacation and I relaxed a lot (till yesterday ... now I'm busy again;-)

Many things are going on right now. The CD is finished and this weekend it will be sent to be pressed and - if it's gods will - be released in the beginning of April.

Oli made a presentation for the booklet. It's 20 MB, but it's worth it, really cool!


The songs you're hearing are still roughmix-versions.

In two weeks the CD will be here completely for free to download and the new website will be finished, too. And the day after tomorrow will be the deadline for the tourbooking. So if you would like us to rock with Jesus, then send a mail at booking@obadja.com till friday. After friday there will be no more chance!

Heavenly blessings and see you soon,

Thursday, February 16, 2006

come closer...

Do you know, that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit?
If we know, that Jesus himself is living inside of us, why are we still crying to God: Come closer, Lord !!!

He is living inside of us. Could there be any "closer" than this? I thought about this point of view a lot in the past. And in the last few days i thought about it again and this thinking about the different forms of Gods presence really brought me into a palpable presence of the Lord. You see - there it is again, somehow God was closer on the outside and close on the inside. This is the way I understand the Psalm, where Dave says, that he can't flee from the Lord. No matter where he goes, the Lord will find him. And this is much more for us, because anywhere we god - and even if it's the darkest yunkyard, he is with us, cause he lives INSIDE of us.

And still I can shout for more of him, because I'm so seldomly conscious of that. And I think, that Gods presence is so great, that there can be different forms of his presence and the kind of presence I'm longing for so often is this palpable presence.
And this song is to unify this: God is inside of me, but I'm still longing for more of him !!!
check it out